Happy New Years!

Resolve to Do Good

It is a popular tradition for people to make New Year’s resolutions to start the year, with the hope of keeping their promises and making changes happen. This practice can be traced back for centuries when people made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. According to some sources, the Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. At “watch night” services, many Christians prepare for the year ahead by praying and making resolutions to be more devoted in the New Year.

Surveys show that these were the Top 10 Resolutions that people made to start 2021:

  • Focus on improving your health.
  • Look after your finances.
  • Pursue an aspiration.
  • Invest in your relationships.
  • Look after your mental health.
  • Live more sustainably.
  • Disconnect from your phone.
  • Read more books.

As we turn the page on 2021 and step in to 2022, what will you resolve to do? What commitment will you make to be the best “you” and to making a positive difference in the world? Consider strengthening your relationship with God; showing care and gratitude for your family and friends, and then extending hospitality and compassion to all God’s people. May God give you wisdom and encouragement to make the most of the New Year.